Immersion Type

Metal Machining Liquid, Cutting Fluid, Coolant  

I. Main Features

◆ Compact structure, easy installation and maintenance;

◆ Special parts of industrial chiller are made of special materials with special treatment, corrosion resistance, strong sealing performance;

◆ Reliable performance, stable operation, low noise, high  energy efficiency;

◆High-pressure electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance, anti-static, corrosion-resistant;

◆ Low power consumption, environmental protection and  energy saving.

II. Applications:

◆CNC lathe, milling machine, broaching machine;

◆CNC Machining center

◆Grinding machine, honing machine;

◆Electric discharge machine, cleaning machine;

◆Hydraulic machines;

III. Functions:

◆To keep machining accuracy subject to the changing liquid temperature;

◆Set up the oil temperature based on the ambient temperature to avoid thermal deformation for the workpieces;

◆Immersion type to keep the chiller from contaminating by the impurities and the cutting powder;

◆Easy to clean, maintain and install;

◆Auto alarming function to reminder users for inspection and maintenance to avoid any damage of industrial chiller/cooling unit.

IV. Technical Specifications


Model MC-16-J MC-25-J MC-35-J
Cooling capacity           (W) 1600 2500 3500
Input power                 (KW) 0.9 1.05 1.6
Power source 220-240V/50HZ
Current                   (A) 4 4.8 5.2
Temperature regulating range () 5℃~35℃ 5℃~35℃ 5℃~35℃
Ambience Temperature                                () ≦42℃ ≦42℃ ≦42℃
Refrigerant R22/R134a/R290 R22 R22
Weight                    (kg) 50 52 66
Dimension                    (mm) 440x420x820 465x465x(576+330) 520x500x970



  1. Cooling Capacity results subject to the ambience temperature at 35℃, oil liquid temp. at 35℃ and water liquid at 20℃.
  2. When the liquid level is below the chilling tube, clotted water on the tube surface will be mixed into the liquid to cause liquid deterioration, thus decreasing the cooling capacity;
  3. This industrial chiller / cooling unit machine should be used in well-ventilated places free of dust, corrosive gas or debris.
  4. Do not use corrosive liquid;
  5. Clean the liquid, filter net and chilling tube regularly, once per month is preferred;
  6. Clean the condensator regularly, once per half year is preferred;
  7. Other industrial chiller / cooling unit specifications and sizes can be customizable upon request.

 VMounting Dimensions of Industrial Chiller / Cooling Unit

Model A B C D E F G H I J K L
MC-16-J 500 300 860 409 350 420 467 465 440 370 440 M8
MC-25-J 576 330 960 409 350 465 467 465 440 370 440 M8
MC-35-J 601 400 1050 512 420 570 603 600 545 440 575 M10


VI. Models Instruction


(1)  (2)(3)

(1)Serial Number:

MC: Immersion type industrial chiller / cooling unit series;

(2)Cooling Capacity(x100W)

XX indicate cooling capacity 100x(XX)=100XX (W)

e.g. XX is 25, it indicates cooling capacity at 100W x 25=2500W

(3) J stands for cooling agent (S for water, Y for oil)